IT Hardware and Software Services

IT Hardware and Software Services


IT Hardware and Software Support

Adam IT & Web Software has long-standing relationships with some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the industry. We are official partners of HP, IBM and Dell, meaning we are able to offer the world’s latest computer technology and support, whilst also catering for bespoke or industry-specific hardware requirements. We offer continued support through our helpdesk and onsite engineers, as well as repairs for your hardware. We are able to advise you on your software and hardware requirements and manage your IT refresh, initial installations or simply provide you with ongoing support.

We provide full desktop software solutions, covering all types of software from Adobe to Office. Our PC Check can also ensure that your computer has all of the available updates and security patches. We are also able to provide official Downgrade Rights if you don’t require the latest version. This means that if you are not ready to begin using the latest incarnations of Windows, you can continue to run a familiar operating system until you tell us otherwise. As Sage Partners, we can also give you the full solution to your Sage requirements, such as selecting the right product for you, installation and continued support.

We offer full PC checks and repairs, removing unwanted files and reorganising data so that your computers run as efficiently as possible. We can cater for all of your hardware needs, from servers and printers, to scanners, networking components and custom build PCs. We are an official partner of HP, IBM and Dell (amongst many more), so you can be confident that we are delivering the most professional advice and equipment there is to offer.

We recover data from any devices

Like most people you may use your Laptop at work, home or wherever you may be.

This make the storage device more susceptible to suffering physical damage (usually being dropped or banged) or other environmental damage.

Consequently, the way we recover your data will be the same as those of external hard drives or SSDs.

The resourceful technicians at Recover My Data have a verified track record and are widely renowned for recovering data from failed laptop drives.

The process of restoration is typically beneficial for businesses, students and single users and involves the salvaging of vital data on desktop PCs, MacBooks, laptops and external hard drives.

There are countless explanations as to why a laptop’s hard drive may fail; typically associated with one out of the four classifications:

1. Degraded hard drives

Formatted drives, files deleted in error, erased partitions or lost BIOS settings.

2. Mechanically failed hard drives

This failure type could be recognised from clicking/ticking noises, power failures and head crashes.

3. Electronically failed hard drives

This could consist of power surges and incorrect power supplies.

4. Accidents and human error

This can occur as a result of being knocked/dropped or from incidents involving fire/water/flood damage.

IT Hardware and Software Services