Brand Identitiy Services

Brand Identitiy Services


Brand Identity – It’s so much more than just a logo.

A brand identity is all of the elements that visually represent a brand.

This can be the name, logo, styling, fonts, colours, images, icons and illustrations – this is what visually distinguishes the brand in the mind of consumers and customers from other brands.

A strong brand identity can help a brand to achieve business goals and targets and help position a brand ahead of its competition. Creating a brand that’s strong takes know-how, skill, effort and time, but a well thought-out brand identity that is unique and bespoke to that particular brand will be effective, efficient and help the business to grow.


The way in which you deliver your brand identity across all material that you produce makes all the difference.

Here at Toast we have developed our own unique approach to delivering branding identities for our client’s products, services and organisations. We don’t believe in just making things look good, we create brand identities that have to work well, target the correct audiences and deliver noticeable results.Not forgetting that once your new brand is created, you’ll need clear brand guidelines to manage and protect it, we can help you with that too.

We achieve this by listening, researching, collaborating, thinking and then creating the right brand identity for you, this does take time but it is worth it because getting the brand identity right in the first place saves a lot of pain, time and effort further down the line, giving greater chance to achieving targets and goals.